About Us

      The Kids Bible Clubhouse is a spin-off from the original Miami Youth Ranch, in South West - Miami, Florida. Miami Youth Ranch (MYR) was a gathering of Young Christian brothers and sisters which was formed by a Christian family and /or it's members, "The Patino's" , these meetings were held in their homes' Florida Room. It's was wonderful that this loving, caring family opened the doors of their house for Worship and Celebrations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Miami Youth Ranch became so popular, that the meetings in the house were overcrowded. During that time, many of the people attending excepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

       During that process, there was a lot of smaller kids involved, that had to be tended to, while the teenagers and adults participated in the teaching and worship meetings. Out of this concern, we developed a kids ministry for the smaller children. We called it the Kid's Bible Clubhouse. The kids were delighted to have their own group. We took them to the parks, beaches, and the zoo. We even had car wash events. We taught them about the Bible, Jesus and how he lived his life.
      Well, even tough Miami Youth Ranch took place many years ago. The spirit of the Lord has motivated some of us to re-start the Kid's Bible Clubhouse. We are in the process of producing a complete campground for kids to enjoy and have fun while learning about our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. This campground and programs will also provide field trips to National Parks, Amusement Parks and teach children the basic fundamentals of Christian Life, in a Christian environment with professional supervision. Thank you, for your interest in our Ministry! We pray, that you too can be a part of our family and join us in our vision through your support.
We welcome your comments, advice, and donations. Visit our Contact Us Page to drop us a line and our online store page to purchase and donate.
Thank you for your interest and God Bless !