The Kid's Bible Clubhouse has now re-formed as an Organization to help needy children with food, clothing, and Summer Camp Trips. Formed in 1977 as a spin-off from the original Miami Youth Ranch Meetings, we are delighted to restart our children's ministry. We are looking forward to reaching out to communities across the United States and beyond. We are also in the process of acquiring a new Campground site & Welfare Center near Crawfordville GA.

     With our new facilities in Georgia, we will be able to concentrate on providing Summer Campground experiences to children for less, therefore increasing the number of communities that we can help by inviting a lot more children that would otherwise not be able to attend. We look forward to accomplishing this undertaking, through your donations and participation at our fundraiser (Live Events). Be sure to check out our promotions website for the upcoming events at


Thank you for your interest and for supporting our non-profit organization, as we ask you for your help, prayers, and support, in this grand brand new venture! If you wish to donate at our GoFundMe site here is the direct link:

God Bless !