Volunteers - Human Resource Dept.

We will open up employment opportunities starting in March of 2018


     There are five (5) phases in the development of our new campground facilities, we will start accepting bids for the first two phases in January 2019.


Phase I :

Will begin with improving the fence line around the entire property, for insurance reasons. Then, the continuation for grounds preparations, will include tree clearing, excavations, bridge building, creating pathways and service roads with paving. Main plumbing and electrical supply with main switch gear for six (6) locations. Four positions will be for the present development and two (2) for the future.

Phase II

Starts the construction of the main service facility, welcome center and the quartermasters home. Service facilities will  all be single level. The welcome center will have two (2) stories. The second story is planed for a stadium type seating cinema multi function theater auditorium. The first story will be our gift shop and store. The quartermasters house will be a three (3) story block and beam stilt treehouse type with fourth (4) floor roof access. All site construction will include in-house hard wired communication thresholds for telephone, computer, data, fiber optics and grounds music and P.A. system and Fire Alarm and Emergency lighting for buildings and grounds.

Phase III

Continues with the construction of the emporium greenhouse with the adjacent six (6)  grow houses, two(2) on each side for the present and one (1) more on each side future. Also the preparations of the campgrounds grounds, which will include priority safety security fencing for the camp-site perimeter, bathing, restroom and wash facilities. Included will be housing for staff,counseling building and First Aid Training.

Phase IV

Covers all final landscaping, pathways, nature trails, horses stables and barn. Then the zoning of the locations for the different activities for the campers, including  a lake side canoe storage building, an open outdoor pavillion 100' x 130' with a roof and B.B.Q capabilities, several outdoor and sports activity locations and (future) pony rink and horse barn.

Phase V

Training of all personal, ( All personnel will require intense background check and level five (5) security screening).Triple testing of all procedures, equipment and systems. Accident prevention intervention, filming the Welcome Centers movie presentation. Producing a soft opening run- through, to ensure that all matters will be handled properly. Open house tours for the public to view the facility. Then we will have our Grand Opening !

Our H/R Dept. will start to receive applicants starting January 10th, 2019 If you would like to contact us, we will except your resume', please Email us at : mondomaxinfo@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest, KBC.org