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Here's How To Enter The Contests

      We run our contests year-round, every year. This paragraph is for the LIVE EVENTS RAFFLE TICKETS. If you wish to enter the SUMMER CAMP TRIP DONATION CONTEST< Click on the DROP DOWN TAB on the second ribbon far lefthand side of the screen. Purchase your tickets for PHASE-PHIVE'S RAFFLE contests right here on this site. You can enter multiple times, your entries are good for up to 24-hrs. before the drawing of the next running contest at Phase-Phive's Live Events. All purchases made after the cut-off time will apply to the next drawing, about two weeks later( check event dates and schedule on their website For online purchases through us you will receive: three extra raffle tickets, that's (13) tickets for the price of (10) (a six-dollar value), included are two (2) entries to the Honolulu Blue Vacation Sweepstakes (HBVS), per every $20. dollar purchase. Also, Every Email is automatically entered into our, "Send Your Kid To Camp Contest" a two dollar value. Extra entries for Send Your Kid To Camp Contest are available at our sister site for $2. Dollars each per entry at

     Online tickets are purchased in $20.dollar increments for the Phase-Phive $2500. Dollar Raffle ( The $2.00 tickets are only available at the Phase-Phive Live Events). The Live Event has been rescheduled due to uncontrollable circumstances. We hope to see you at our next event presentation. Our next LIVE EVENT will be held on June 18-20th, 2021 and every two weeks after that for 7 shows. The next $2500. Dollar Phase-Phive LIVE EVENT drawing will be held LIVE on June 20th, 2021- 7:00 p.m. at the Florida Mall, Orlando, FL. (winner need not be present to win). All winners will be notified by Email and Phone. We will also display the winners' first name and last initial (for privacy protection) on both websites.

     To place your ticket order(s) in denominations of $20. Dollars proceed to our Online Store, where you can pay with your credit card/debit via PayPal. To increase the amount of $20.Dollar increments, change the PayPal quantity amounts at the checkout. After your purchase, PLEASE retain your PayPal receipt and transaction numbers, then send us your--> Name, Address, Phone Number, Amount of purchase with receipt and transaction number to     

You will receive your tickets via email confirmation. All proceeds go to the Kids Bible Clubhouse to help needy kids with Food, Clothing, Summer Camp Trips, and the Development of our new Campground & Welfare Facilities in Crawfordville, Georgia USA-(Opening Summer 2024). (Phase-Phive is it's own Trade Mark TM. and is not part of the Kids Bible Clubhouse ownership) we participate in the raffle to receive proceeds from them.

Refund Policy: Kids Bible Clubhouse has a No Refund-No Return Policy. All purchases and donations received, are final. Please review your selections twice to confirm.

On behalf of the staff here at Kids Bible Clubhouse, We Thank You for your interest and participation! We wish you great blessings in winning our contests!

For Phase-V-Phive Live Event Schedule and (HBVS) information please visit their site at

For complete information about our LIVE EVENT please visit our GBSF Promotions Tab below.

Thank You and God Bless!

13-Raffle Tickets + 2-(HBVS) non-refundable donation $20.00
26-Raffle Tickets + 4-(HBVS) non-refundable donation $40.00
39-Raffle Tickets + 6-(HBVS) non-refundable donation $60.00
52-Raffle Tickets + 8-(HBVS) non-refundable donation $80.00
65-Raffle Tickets + 10-(HBVS) non-refundable donation $100.00

Thank You for your purchase!