We are now accepting your $10.00 DONATIONS. With each $10.00 dollar donation, you will receive two (2) entry tickets to our SUMMER CAMP TRIP for kids ages 7-14. Donations must be made by adults 18+ years of age. Donation dates are March 15th, 2021 - May 15th, 2022 that 15 months to donate. 

There will be 200 SUMMER CAMP TRIPS given away, all winners will be notified via email and by phone. Please retain your Paypal Receipt Transaction Numbers and Receipts with the amount donated. Siblings of a winner can attend the same trip at half price {limit (5) additional siblings} per winner.  

To receive your tickets.....PLEASE SEND US: Your NAME (ADULT),  Your MAILING ADDRESS, Your EMAIL ADDRESS, and Your PHONE NUMBER CONTACT (optional). Plus Your PayPal Transaction Number, Receipt Number, and the amount of the donation. Remember that you will receive two (2) entry tickets for every $10.00 dollar donation. Please place the complete information on our (Contact Us) page. We will send you a confirmation email and mail you the tickets.

To place your donation, proceed to our (Online store) TAB and place your donation in $10.00 increments. If you wish to donate more than ten dollars you'll have to increase the increments on the PayPal checkout page.

EXAMPLE (1) increment = $10.00 dollars (2) increments = $20.00 dollars and so on.

KBC has a NO REFUND, NO EXCHANGE, NO RETURN POLICY. Please make double sure that you are interested in donating, for all transactions are final. We thank you for your support and may you be blessed with a win!